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Interpretive Graphics / Envirosigns

Send Files

Are you designing your own file, or submitting text or images for a design we are creating for you?

Before sending us files, please complete the following checklist(s):

  • Everyone sending any type of art, images, or text:
    • Is this the final, approved version of your file and/or panel text? (File changes may incur fees, and mid-stream text changes can cause panel layouts to change drastically.)
    • Have you zoomed in on all of your images (until they fill the screen) to check for image quality?

    NOTE TO DESIGNERS OF ALL KINDS: We are able to manufacture interpretive panels using your high resolution, high quality PDF files, however, they must be set up with proper bleeds and margins, be originally designed with high resolution images, and all content must be final. If you need to change your design after the fact, you will have to resubmit a new file, and the proofing process will begin again from the start. (Only native files packaged for printing - including font an image folders - are editable by us. Some edit requests will incur setup charges.)

  • Designers only:
    • If you design in multiple pages, have you saved each panel as a separate file? We will need each panel as a separate file, rather than a multi-page document. (This does not apply to non-designers who are only sending ideas in Microsoft Office format.)
    • Have you designed your file with proper bleeds and margins for your frame/base selection? (click to download Envirosigns File Prep-2016 for guidelines)
    • Is your file packaged for print (including fonts and links/images)?
    • Are your fonts converted to paths, when possible?
    • Have you read, and followed our file prep guidelines? (click to download Envirosigns File Prep-2016 for guidelines)
    • Are your images linked, rather than embedded?
    • If you have holes and/or contour cuts, have you included them in a separate layer in your file?
    • Are your files inordinately large? (1GB) Please split up the file from the assets when you send for better luck getting the files through.

If you have completed this checklist, you are ready to upload files!

Please contact your representative for information on how to upload files.

NOTE: Please include your quote or job number, as well as your email address, when you send files. If you do not, we may not know who you are, to which job or quote the files belong with, or how to contact you, especially if you send files as the only means of requesting a quote.